Coopers beer to conquer USA

Coopers beer to conquer USA article image
Family-owned brewery Coopers will expand their exports to the US market after their export manager Terry Miniken joined its American importer Priess Imports as their east coast regional manager, with another Australian, Michael Cameron, hired as national beer manager for the west coast. According to FoodWeek, Coopers marketing director and chairman Glenn Cooper said the appointments meant the brand now has two people working to develop the Coopers brand in the US, in conjunction with Priess. "We see this as a great opportunity for us and one that will enable Coopers to make strong inroads into the craft beer market, the fastest growing sector of the alcohol market in America," he said. Exports currently comprise just three percent of sales, but Cooper says they hope it will increase to eight percent over the next five years. "By concentrating on the craft sector, we are confident we can achieve strong growth, making the US a valuable contributor to Coopers’ overall sales," said Miniken.


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