China, USA conclude trade talks

China, USA conclude trade talks article image
China and the USA have concluded trade talks over a number of commercial disputes that have threatened to sour their bilateral relationship before US President Barack Obama's visit to China scheduled for November 15. US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke called the recent US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade "productive" and said it "builds a foundation for a most successful visit by President Obama in two weeks". Topics discussed included piracy, agricultural products and a tariff dispute over Chinese tyres. China has removed a ban on US pork products, which they had imposed earlier in the year during the 'swine flu' (A(H1N1) virus) outbreak and promised to look into internet piracy of US movies and music. The USA has in turn eased restrictions on Chinese poultry products, though was not specific about the tyre importation issue. Locke said it was critical that the two countries make progress, "to demonstrate to our citizens and to the entire world that China and the United States can work together to achieve results".


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