China takes on USA over tariffs

China takes on USA over tariffs article image
China has accused the USA of protectionism, after the USA imposed an additional 35 percent tariff on Chinese tyre products. The new imposition came after the US government introduced tariffs on pipes used in the petroleum industry early last week. "The United States, by making the decision, failed to honour its commitments made at the G20 financial summit and abused trade remedy measures, which is grave protectionism and will undermine China-US economic and trade ties as well as the early recovery of the world economy," said Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu. The accusation came after China launched an investigation into US exports of car products and chicken. China believes that the US has been 'dumping' its car products in the Chinese market and will look into whether chicken exports from the USA are the product of subsidies, unfairly skewing the price. "Recently, the commerce ministry has received word from domestic industries indicating that the above mentioned products had entered our nation's markets via dumping, subsidies and other unfair trade means," read a ministry statement.


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