China answers Google exit threat

China answers Google exit threat article image
Google's proposal to pull out of China after evidence of hacking has earned a response by China's Commerce Ministry, after the issue threatened to affect economic relations. Ministry spokesperson Yao Jian said his department had not yet received a formal indication of Google's exit. He reiterated that all foreign companies were obliged to abide by Chinese laws. "Foreign investors should have confidence in China's market as China has the world's biggest internet population," said Yao, adding: "Any decision by Google to withdraw from China will not affect Sino-US trade relations." The US government is practising a 'wait and see' approach to the stand-off, although senior White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers remarked: "It seems to me that the principles that Google is trying to uphold are not just important in a moral or rights framework, but are also of very considerable economic importance."


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