China and USA to talk piracy, market access

China and USA to talk piracy, market access article image
A US trade delegation will visit China next week for high-level discussions on topics including piracy, clean energy and market access, according to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke. "It is critical that we make progress on several priority issues, including intellectual property rights protection and enforcement, clean energy, medical devices and pharmaceuticals," he said in a statement. The forthcoming U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, designed to facilitate trade and investment discussions between the two countries, is the 20th meeting since 1983. Locke said they will address IP issues including the piracy of US goods, particularly movies, music and software. Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system has been available in China since last week, although it was only officially launched today. The delegation will also pursue better market access for US farmers: "American farmers and ranchers recognise the benefits of our economic engagement with China, but they also rightly seek great equity and balance in our trade relationship," said US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. The US wants China to remove restrictions on US beef and pork imports, and will offer to remove poultry import barriers to China. US officials have declined to confirm whether China's underpriced currency will be on the agenda.


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