Capital fund designed for cleantech

Capital fund designed for cleantech article image
A new Australian venture capital fund, OneVentures, has $40 million to offer for cleantech and other science and technology ventures, including life sciences, new media, IT and telecommunications. With $20 million sourced by lead investor and underwriter BBY Limited and private investors, and $20 million from the Federal Government’s Innovation Investment Fund program (IIF), OneVentures boasts a team of former successful entrepreneurs and business builders at the helm. "Successful entrepreneurs make great business mentors. We can identify business opportunities, visualize the growth path of a business, understand how to commercialise technology, build asset value, manage market conditions, migrate the obstacle path and balance risk and reward to deliver a successful result," said OneVentures managing partner Dr Michelle Deaker. Deaker says they are looking for companies the fund can own a share of help build, add value to and springboard into larger global markets through its strong offshore networks, with particular interest in cleantech businesses. "We see some strong growth potential for the fund in areas around efficient use of energy, emission control, clean water technologies and low cost efficient health care," she said. See for more information on OneVentures.


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