Calls for better IT export assistance

Calls for better IT export assistance article image
Australia lacks a high-technology framework, which will stifle IT innovation, according to John Owen, chief executive of Australian software developer QSR International. He says we are losing innovators to offshore locations that can provide better facilities. "Australia needs to move past the ‘digging it out of the ground and growing it mentality’ on which we have based our export industry. We have excellent innovation that goes on throughout Australia on a regular basis but without an effective framework for research and development, this innovation is either developed overseas or never sees the light of day," he said. Owen believes many new companies find it difficult to break into mature international IT markets due to a lack of government and industry support when promoting and exporting new technology products. "We need to have a dramatically improved framework to actively encourage and ensure that we can not only develop new technology but that we can commercialise and market it internationally as well," he said. "It’s unfortunate that a company that’s developed something fantastic in Australia would feel the need to list in America, where venture capitalists are more likely to back new technology, because they won’t get the support in research and development at home."


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