Business travellers access new mobile platform

Business travellers access new mobile platform article image
American Express Business Travel has developed a new mobile support system for travellers, allowing access to information and itinerary directly from mobile phones. MobileXtrend allows travellers to download information relevant to their destination as well as access itinerary and can even stay connected with their personal and professional network through social networking capabilities. The technology is compatible to smartphones and iPhones and can work with any mobile phone that is SMS text message enabled. The ability to have on-the-road access to this kind of information is incredibly important to both business travellers and the companies that keep them on the road, says general manager and vice president of Product and Marketing for American Express Business Travel Trena Blair. "Travellers expect to have access to their travel details while they are travelling, [they] recognise the importance of mobile capabilities and the potential for mobile devices to deliver better communication, control and service", says Blair. "At the same time, corporations are looking for a comprehensive solution. Our mobileXtend platform is re-inventing the travel experience by meeting these needs. [It] delivers what travellers increasingly demand by combining traveller focused applications and functionality with enterprise technology and service." MobileXtrend also aims to standardise travel information, eliminating challenges of complex integrations across inconsistent infrastructure and country-to-country differences. "We have invested in creating this proprietary technology to standardise travel information into one electronic language," continues Blair. "American Express Business Travel has been able to collaborate with multiple mobile technology developers and integrate these leading services to provide a comprehensive feature set that can be configured to meet the varying needs of our corporate clients."


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