Business travel deals could have saved Rudd $60K

Business travel deals could have saved Rudd $60K article image
A travel deal company has issued a cheeky reinterpretation of Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd's itinerary, showing that he could have saved more than $60,000 on just three of his trips. Brad Gurrie, general manager of Travelzoo, said Rudd's reported travel bill of about $1 million could have been halved if he'd used the online service. "It’s quite astounding the amount of money he paid for airfares and hotels. I know it’s very possible to still fly business or first class and stay in exorbitant hotels, all around the globe and not amass $80,000 per trip," said Gurrie. Travelzoo compiled the following table to compare prices (click to enlarge)

"On the above tabled trips alone, not including food or beverages and other expenses, the total for flights and luxury accommodation would have been around $45,000 for three trips. This is significantly lower than the reports of $80,000 per trip," Gurrie said. Although Travelzoo does not sell flights or take hotel bookings, as an aggregator it sources various travel deals for Australia and abroad and publishes them online. Gurrie did admit that taking advantage of travel deals was not always possible for businesses but said many commercial customers could still benefit from the service if the price was right. "Although many of these deals are focused on leisure consumers there is a tendency for many businesses to take advantage of the deals to save significant costs. Businesses need to weigh up the value associated with flexibility and have it offset with savings that exceed 50 percent," he said. "At Travelzoo we publish many deals that are widely available with little or no restrictions that make them ideal for businesses. The travel prices for Kevin Rudd did, in many cases, allow flexibility."


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