Bright Aussie company with global ambitions

Bright Aussie company with global ambitions article image
After taking out the highest honour at the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Awards last month, LED lighting company Brightgreen is looking to take its world-first designs to the international market. Just last month, Brightgreen collected the Premier’s Recognition Award for the DR700: the world’s first replacement bulb to offer the same brightness as a 50W halogen bulb, on one-fifth of the power. The accolade reinforced the company’s reputation as a local leader in sustainability, efficiency and quality. However, the O’Driscoll brothers behind the company have always planned to take their world-first designs beyond the local market. "We’ve always kept our focus outward, and set the highest bar for ourselves in terms of design and operations," Barry O’Driscoll told Dynamic Export. He said he hoped that the company’s recent success would stimulate additional interest amongst international distributors. As LED lighting has gained more attention in recent years, a number of big players have entered the international market- a market that O’Driscoll says is "tougher and more established" than the local market- but this has not stopped the local company from making an impact. Brightgreen began exporting its designs internationally, last year, and now turns over $11.4 million. The company has offices in South Africa and Germany, and also exports to the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Chile and Indonesia. Although O’Driscoll admits that their products have been most successful in Australia, where Brightgreen’s operations are based, he says their designs have been particularly embraced by Germany. "We see this as a huge compliment to our product design and engineering, since the Germans are so technically on point and have set such a high standard in terms of quality," he explained. "South Africa has also really embraced our retrofit range, as generally LEDs are extremely sensitive to heat and our lights tackle hot climates with no problems," O’Driscoll added. As environmental concerns continue to gain global traction, and consumers become more savvy, he hopes that people across the world will continue to respond to Brightgreen’s long-lasting designs. "Internationally, we hope to expand into a number of different regions-we’re looking at Asia, a larger portion of Europe, as well as the Americas. We’re aiming to be at the forefront of LED lighting not only in Australia, but on a global scale," O’Driscoll said.


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