Australian tourism goes 'big'

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Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy wants Australia's 'big' holiday icons to step into the international spotlight. Landmarks like the Big Banana, Big Pineapple and the Big Merino have populated family snapshots for years and McEvoy wants Australians to share them. "Now is the time for everyone to open those old albums and share these fantastic holiday fun times with the world," he said. "The ‘bigs’ are such a great example of the Aussie sense of humour and ingenuity that it’s impossible to imagine an Australian holiday map without them. But it’s up to Australians to put them there." McEvoy is referring to Tourism Australia's 'There's nothing like Australia' campaign, which encourages people to upload their family holiday photos to There are more than 150 big fruits, animals and objects considered landmarks in Australia. The campaign ends at midnight tomorrow with a winner chosen from each state and territory to win an Australian holiday valued at $5,000. An overall winner will then be selected to win the ultimate Australian holiday valued at $25,000. The second phase of the campaign will be announced at the end of this month.


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