Australian Made launches new website

Australian Made launches new website article image
Australian MadeThe Australian Made Australian Grown (AMAG) campaign has launched a new website to provide consumers with more information about Australian made and grown products. AMAG chief executive Ian Harrison says the website leverages the positive associations consumers have with Australian made and grown products and allows businesses to provide further details. "Licensees can now add valuable information into free listing such as where their products can be purchased from, making it even easier for the 65 percent of consumers who consciously look for locally made or grown goods to do so," he said. The site also allows businesses to register online to use the logo, calculate their annual licence fee and read case studies on how other companies have benefited from using the logo as a key marketing tool. Having a more comprehensive online presence also helps with global promotion, says Harrison. "The AMAG logo has attracted great exposure over almost 25 years of helping promote Australian products and businesses. By launching this new website, AMAG continues to strengthen the global presence of both the logo and the businesses using it." See the new website at


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