Australian LNG powered ferry for South America

Australian LNG powered ferry for South America article image
Australian shipbuilder Incat Tasmania’s world first roll-on roll-off LNG-powered high speed ship is to go to South American company Buquebus. Buquebus, which commissioned the 99 metre long ship in November 2010, will operate the vessel on their River Plate service between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo. With an operating speed of 50 knots and capacity for 1,000 passengers and 153 cars the new ferry service will compete with airline transport services between Uruguay and Argentina. Incat has built eight vessels previously for Buquebus. "It will be the largest catamaran they have operated and the fastest, environmentally cleanest, most efficient high speed ferry in world," Incat chairman Robert Clifford said. "It represents a significant step in the global move for natural gas powered ships to replace those operated with less environmentally friendly fuels." The hull 069 vessel is being built at the Incat shipyard at Prince of Wales Bay in Hobart, Tasmania for delivery in the latter part of 2012. It is the first ship built under the High Speed Craft Code to be powered by gas turbines using liquid natural gas as the primary fuel and marine distillate for standby and ancilliary use. The passenger cabin will include tourist, business and first class seating and a 1,000+ square metre duty free shop, the largest on any high speed ferry.


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