Australian legal exports growth

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Attorney General Robert McClelland has released the results of a survey showing legal services exports increased by $34 million between 2006-07 and 2008-09. The the third biennial survey commissiond by the International Legal Services Advisory Council canvassed the legal industry over a year to measure earnings from legal services provided to overseas clients and to Australians working on overseas projects or investments. The 2008-09 survey returned figures showing an increase in the value of legal exports from $675 million in 2006-07 to $709 million in 2008-09. The major areas of demand for legal exports were intellectual property, information technology and telecommunications, followed by general corporate, banking and finance, and litigation related services. The largest markets for legal and related services was North America, including Canada, at $184 million, followed by China and Hong Kong at $101 million, continental Europe at $73 million and the United Kingdom at $67 million. Legal exports to Continental Europe increased by 9 percent but decreased to other major markets, while those to Japan increased by 60 percent and to Singapore by 16 percent. Asia in general represents 32 percent of the overseas market for Australian law firms. "ILSAC’s survey is particularly valuable as it reveals emerging markets and demands in new areas of law," McClelland said. The advisory council was established by the Australian Government to promote Australian legal services internationally. Go to ILSAC’s website: for the full survey results.


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