Australia Unlimited launched at World Expo

Australia Unlimited launched at World Expo article image
Australia Unlimited, the brand, was launched today by Minister for Trade Simon Crean in the Australian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. Australia Unlimited will be the global face selling Australia to the world in the 21st century, and marks a departure from the unsuccessful 2006 ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’ campaign which saw a UK court order that the billboards be pulled down after 32 people complained that children might see the ‘offensive’ language. "With 190 nations participating in Expo, this is the ideal place to launch Australia’s new national brand," said Crean. "The Australian Pavilion is already attracting 20 percent of all Expo visitors and Australia Unlimited will add to the attraction." Brand Australia is a $20 million program to promote Australia as a innovative nation, a valued global citizen and a trusted business partner. "We need to market ourselves better to the world," Crean said. "Australia is known as a great place to have a holiday but it is also a great place to do business, a great place to invest and a great place to pursue an education." Following Shanghai, Australia Unlimited will also be on display at the World Cup in South Africa next month, and at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games in October. The new branding concept derived from a need to extend Australia’s reputation as a great holiday destination to covering our success as a "dynamic and creative nation, a good global citizen and a strong business partner". M&C Saatchi won the tender from 60 submissions.


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