Aussie fashion designer to compete in WorldSkills International

Aussie fashion designer to compete in WorldSkills International article image
Young Australian designer Rhaman Donovan is representing Australia at the WorldSkills International 2011 in October to test her skills and represent her country in the art of fashion design. Just one of Australia’s team of young craftsmen and women, known as the ‘Skillaroos’, Donovan is hoping to further the country’s current ranking as fifth in the world against 50 competing nations in the world's biggest skills showcase. At just 21, Donovan is making serious waves in one of the most competitive industries. "I haven’t grown up with a family that’s been able to support me financially and I thought why not do something now while I’m young... I’ve got nothing to lose". Combining a passion for fashion with a savvy head for business, the young entrepreneur operates a freelance custom formal and bridal label, when she’s not winning awards, including the 2009 MSIT Swimwear Fashion Awards. Donovan could have quite easily spent her 20s operating a military tanker instead of a sewing machine. Hit with a crossroads upon leaving school, she had the option of a scholarship with the Defence Force Australia or a Fashion Diploma at TAFE. "I ultimately chose fashion because I’m passionate about it. I think it was the best choice for me, I don’t regret it at all". The fashion industry is often termed as one of the most cutthroat industries, known for its fiercely high standards and talent. But Donovan isn’t scared by competition or the chance of failing. "I’ve definitely had a couple of falls but you just have to pick yourself up and rethink the people you want to wear your clothes. Just try again and again and again, because the more you believe in yourself, the easier it is to do what you do." Donovan sets off this October to attend the Skills Olympics, and on the side of her freelance work she is training heavily for the occasion. "I leave two days a week to work on pattern making, sketching and sewing skills... just fine tuning to enhance quality and I also work with an expert who critiques my work." Optimistic about her journey to London, Donovan speaks highly about her experience with World Skills and the opportunities it’s provided. "I think world skills makes you grow up really quickly and because you are representing your country you take it very seriously and you just want to do the best you can."


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