Proud Aussie Made company gives the world a taste of its fine engineering

Proud Aussie Made company gives the world a taste of its fine engineering article image

Aussie electro-mechanical engineering and manufacturing with an enviable reputation for practical design, functionality and reliability probably sums up Sydney based Durst Industries.

The company is a proud third generation manufacturer with an industrial genetic pedigree spanning 100 years.

And CEO Roger Durst is passionate about the future of quality value add engineering in Australia. 

So robust and well-designed are Durst products that bench grinding machines manufactured 40 years ago are still in use today and performing in the most demanding environments, such as technical colleges and 24/7 workshops.

Durst Industries has many manufacturing and product successes in the electro-mechanical fields, including production of electronic test & charging equipment for the automotive, defence, aviation and mining sectors.

Yet it is in the area of food processing equipment or more specifically the production of their Vince Russell Nut Butter Mills that CEO Roger Durst perceives the future of Durst Industries is to be found.

The association with the food processing market began over 30 years ago when by chance Durst was asked to completely re-engineer an old food processing dispenser unit designed for placement in health food retail stores.

The very first order Durst received was for a voluminous 50 units – all handmade. They are now produced using the most advanced CNC equipment.

Unique WholeNut mills

Innovative bespoke engineering design has always been a hallmark of Durst industries advanced technical capability.

Not only did the engineering team at Durst redesign a better nut mill but they improved upon the original so much so that these unique WholeNut mills with advanced multiple texture settings, smooth, medium and crunchy now also grind nuts such as cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia, pecan and the staple roasted peanuts into pure 100% delicious nut butters without any “nastyfood additives.

Staying with the original brand name, Vince Russell the Nut Butter Mill product range became a subsidiary of Durst Industries and the superbly engineered nut butter mills are now exported from Australia to over 20 different countries around the globe.

Add to this the renowned consistency of the nut butter paste and it is not hard to see how such a product has attracted international interest.

These nut butter mills are so efficient, robust and “bullet proof” that mills 30 years of age are still in operation.

Reputation for durability and reliability

Roger Durst admits all the hard work in design and precision engineering of the nut butter mills has given the company and its products an enviable reputation for rugged durability and reliability.

Yet it is also the performance versatility and easy maintenance of the nut butter mill that attracts both health and whole food store owners plus food processor factories owners alike.

Maintenance and cleaning is straightforward and well documented with pictures and simple “how to’s”.  Moreover, technical back-up, spare parts and comprehensive on-line information thoroughly support every machine sold or exported by Durst.

Mr Durst has had many years in the industry and sees that such a formidable product has many opportunities for export but points out that ongoing export success requires a well-focused marketing effort to follow up any opportunities. Great engineering and producing great products is only part of the sales and export success equation.

Government support has been minimal and the excessive level of red tape may even turn away some applicants who could otherwise use Government assistance.

Durst Industries has received some Government assistance with setting up an international trade show but for the most part and certainly with R&D Durst Industries has funded all product development from revenues and profits.

This niche manufacturer is a great Australian success story that may be on the cusp of even greater things on the international export stage.

Australia continues to demonstrate to the world that it can be at the engineering value-add forefront of many industries Including food processing.

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