Fresh new look for Australian meat exports

Fresh new look for Australian meat exports article image

Meat and Livestock Australia has launched a new logo and branding strategy to promote Australian red meat globally.  

Previously, different branding has been used for meat sold in different international markets, but under the new strategy there will be consistent marketing across countries.  

The strategy includes the slogan “True Aussie” and a colourful new logo.  

"It's a map of Australia, with colours that reflect all the different colours that you might see in the Australian landscape," Michael Edmonds, MLA general manager of global marketing, said.  

"We see this as a really important new phase where we go beyond just clean and safe and we add the fact that Australian beef and lamb, and to an extent goat meat, comes from a unique home," Mr Edmonds said.  

He says the new brand will eventually appear on packaging of Australian meat in export markets, and will hopefully contribute to increased brand knowledge among consumers and increased sales of Australian meat.  

"Meat will flow to the market that pays the most and it does flow from market to market and it's also dependent on production capability.  

"While we'll obviously continue to monitor sales, we will more look to measures such as trade and consumer satisfaction and understanding about what Australia stands for as a more realistic measure of this program."  

Source: ABC Rural 


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