Beef Australia Expo to get $3m boost (maybe)

Beef Australia Expo to get $3m boost (maybe) article image

The federal government has committed $3 million to the 2018 Beef Australia Expo – if re-elected next month.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce made the commitment while visiting Rockhampton in northern Queensland last week.

The Beef Australia Expo is the Australian beef industry’s pre-eminent trade and promotional event. The 2018 Expo marks the 30th anniversary of the event.

Mr Joyce said the Beef Australia event’s continuing success paid big dividends for the nation’s cattle industry as well as Central Queensland’s economy.

“Beef Australia makes a huge contribution to the tourism, hospitality and recreation sectors across the region, bringing tens of thousands of people to enjoy all that Rockhampton, Queensland and Australia has to offer,” Mr Joyce said.

“It demonstrates the important but often unrecognised role our agricultural industries play in bringing Australia closer to the world.”

Quality protein

In 2013-14 Australia exported about 1.2 million tonnes of beef product, valued at $6.2 billion. In the same year, 1.13 million head of live cattle, valued at $1 billion, were exported globally.

“By providing quality protein for people across the world we promote trade and greater understanding and fellowship between nations – and you see that by the people who travel here from around the globe to events like Beef Australia,” Mr Joyce said.

“The next Beef Australia will be particularly important, with it being the 30th anniversary of the event.” 

Mr Joyce said the coalition government is committed to not only supporting the Beef Australia Expo, but also the Australian beef industry and the people and families responsible for the industry’s success.


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