ALP’s commitment to an Australian value add manufacturing economy

ALP’s commitment to an Australian value add manufacturing economy article image


As the newly elected Australian parliament prepares to come to grips with the many economic challenges that lie ahead it is fortunate that such a passionate advocate for Australian innovation and value-add manufacturing as Kim Carr remains on the ALP front bench.

Senator Carr’s voice should be heard not only across the political divide, but also into the heart of the Australian industrial business community.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and the ALP power brokers clearly demonstrated their commitment to value add manufacturing in Australian by ensuring Senator Carr’s continued front bench incumbency as Shadow Minister for Industry, Innovation, Science and Research.

Such a turn of events can only be seen as refreshing at a time when Australia is crying out for new ideas as to economic direction as well as a bi-partisan political leadership in structuring effective means for developing new value-add wealth.

Further, that such wealth is distributed throughout the economy by the creation of new well paid jobs up the “knowledge intensive/advanced manufacturing” value chain. These inter-related issues of new wealth creation have never been more important than today.

With Australian techno-commercial innovation struggling to gain the traction it needs and an entire manufacturing industry wandering deliriously in the wilderness from so many setbacks and fiscal beatings … it is a sector that needs friends and advocates more than ever.

More collaboration needed

Australia should not delude itself that the value add manufacturing export sector will appear magically through so called market forces. It will not.

Nothing less than collaboration between governments, industry and unions supported by a disciplined focused plan with requisite investment is required to bring about the measurable success needed.

A modern first world Australian economy that relies on exporting minerals, agricultural products and residential land is living in a pipe dream.

Only an innovative value add manufacturing export sector will underpin the first world wealth Australia aspires to and Senator Carr is among those who understand Government intervention on a scale appropriate to the task is required.

Those who claim that any form of Government intervention is tantamount to 1940s, Attlee style protectionism are failing to come to grips with the challenges and harsh realities of a Globalising economy and the implications for western innovation and manufacturing and by extension western wealth.

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