$20 million for new Australia brand

$20 million for new Australia brand article image
The Federal Government will commit $20 million towards developing an 'Australia' brand to be projected globally. The initiative comes in response to a submission advocating the development of a strong national brand to the Mortimer Review of export last year. "We're trying to sell our goods and services better to the world on the basis of better promoting the full breadth of our capacity," said Minister for Trade Simon Crean. "We are the place that has significant comparative advantages beyond the quarry and farm." CEO of the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign Ian Harrison believes Australia needs to look beyond tourism images in our promotion. "The time is long overdue to broaden the message to include the fact that we are a sophisticated and innovative economy; one that produces world quality manufactured goods and also delivers world class services in areas such as education, health and engineering," he said. Related articles: Branding Australia


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