How exporters can protect cargo from transit damage

Bates dunnage bags are the ideal solution to fill cargo voids.

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Seven essential tips for putting in place an export agreement

Australian goods and service providers have been among the biggest international movers and shakers in 2014, with Australian exports rising at a healthy rate.

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Untapped export opportunities for Australian manufacturers

Despite Australia’s reputation of being one of the most expensive manufacturing industries in the world, Keech Australia CEO, Herbert Hermens, says the Bendigo-based company is able to successfully compete on a global scale, and others can do too...

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Australian live cattle exports hit record high

Australian exporters shipped a record 1.13 million head of cattle worth more than $1 billion last financial year.

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Interested in doing business in the Middle East?

Austrade is partnering with state governments this month to conduct a series of seminars to give Australian companies a greater insight into doing business in the Middle East.

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VIC Government supports 2015 trade program with China

The Victorian Government has pledged to again support the Victoria-Jiangsu Business Placement Program next year.

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Rosy outlook for horticulture exports

The value of Australia’s horticultural produce is forecast to increase by 4.5 per cent to $9.5 billion this financial year.

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Iron ore price slump to hit Australia’s export earnings

A predicted freefall in iron ore prices could have a significant impact on Australia’s export earnings this year, according to a new report.

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Australians pay top dollar for international money transfers

Australia is the fourth most expensive country in the world for international money transfers, behind South Africa, Japan and France, new figures show.

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Fears China will slash coal imports ‘misleading and alarmist’

Reports on draft new guidelines for China’s coal use and their impact on Australia’s coal industry are misleading and unnecessarily alarmist, says the Minerals Council of Australia.

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